Have You Felt Depressed For Quite Some Time? 2 Treatments That Can Help

Posted on: 10 January 2022


If you have felt depressed for quite some time, you need to get some treatment to help you. Depression will continue to get worse over time if you do not do anything about this. Fortunately, there are many different treatment options available, two of which are listed below.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is sitting down in a group of people that have depression along with a therapist.  The therapist will determine how many people they will have in their group therapy sessions, as well as how long the sessions will last and how often you should come. Seeing other people go through the same type of symptoms you are going through can help because you know that you are not alone. 

There are many benefits of choosing group therapy. One is you can receive support from the people in the group, as well as give support to other people. You may have a great bond with one or more people in the group, which may turn into lifelong friendships. Sharing your experiences with other people that have the same type of problem can be therapeutic for you. The persons in the group may have a lot of tips to help you with your depression that you were not aware of. 

Individual Therapy

There is also individual therapy that you can get from a psychologist or other professional. This would be better for you if you do not want to talk in front of other people. A psychologist has a variety of treatment options. One common treatment is cognitive behavior therapy. With this, the doctor will help you with changing your behavior, which is generally a slow process. The doctor will also help you with negative thinking and may ask you to keep a journal. The doctor will teach you coping skills to help you with your depression symptoms. 

There is also psychotherapy, which is also known as talk therapy. With this, you will sit down with the psychologist and talk about your feelings, issues you are having, and more. There may be something causing you to feel depressed that you are not aware of. Talking to someone may bring things to light to give you a better understanding. The psychologist will talk to you and ask questions to help you get started if you do not feel comfortable speaking about your symptoms. 

In some cases, a psychologist may suggest both group therapy and individual therapy, as well as have you see a psychiatrist for antidepressants.

For more information on individual and group therapy, contact a professional near you.