What Issues Can Christian-Based Counselors Help Patients With?

Posted on: 31 August 2021


Your mental health is important, so it's important to care for your mind as well as your body. Counselors strive to help patients manage their mental health by offering talk therapy sessions where patients can say what's on their minds and seek assistance. Counseling can help people face the challenges of life with confidence. In particular, Christian-based counseling can help people of faith deal with these common issues:

1. Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses can affect people of any faith. However, Christians may find it helpful to incorporate Christian attitudes into their mental health treatment. Christian-based counselors can provide helpful therapeutic sessions based on accepted psychological practices, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. In addition, they can talk to patients about the things the Bible says about wellness and God's healing. People of faith can find the incorporation of their faith into their treatment to be a great comfort.

2. Life Transitions

Most people go through many transitions within their lifetimes. Entering college or graduating from school can be one jarring transition. Getting married, getting divorced, having children, and dealing with the departure of an important person from your life are all situations that can have a startling impact on your overall sense of well-being. Christian-based counselors can help their patients weather the challenges of various life transitions.

3. Church Conflict

The church is a great resource for Christians. It provides instruction, fellowship, and community. However, all communities will sometimes experience personality conflicts and strife. Patients who are at odds with members of their church can work out their feelings in counseling. Christian-based counselors can teach patients conflict-resolution skills that will help them honor themselves, their neighbors, and God. Learning to manage disagreements is a healthy skill that will benefit patients in many ways.

4. Spiritual Doubt

The life of a person of faith comes with unique challenges, as well. Spiritual doubt is a common experience that most religious people will face at some point. It's natural to question your beliefs at times, although doing so may feel frightening. A Christian-based counselor can help patients work through their doubts by providing a safe space for people to ask difficult questions about themselves and their religion. Christian counselors are an especially good fit for this type of therapeutic work because they will provide a faithful context in which people can freely question their beliefs. Christian-based counselors will not tell patients what to think but will instead help patients come to sound conclusions on their own.

Contact a local Christian-based counselor if you need help with any of these issues.