Ready To Give Up On Your Marriage Even Though You Love Your Spouse? What To Know

Posted on: 17 February 2016


If divorce is a word that is thrown around your household frequently and you fight with your spouse about everything from money to how you'll spend your weekends, you need to seek help. If you want to be with your spouse and you love them but you are tired of trying to make it work, there are some things that the two of you need to do. Here are a few options to smoothing out the bumps in your marriage.

Financial Planning

If finances are one of the major things that you fight about, then meeting with a financial planner and figuring out how to reduce financial stress may help reduce some of your marital problems. Find a financial planner that can help you manage debts you're dealing with, put money away for the future, and agree on how to spend your money so you are financially thriving with each other.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling has been proven to be very effective, and can deliver faster results than individual counseling. If the two of you can talk with someone else about the problems that you share, and you have a mediator that can help you work through your troubles, you may be able to turn around on the path you're headed down. Finding a counselor that you both like and trust can help you communicate and express yourselves, which is part of a healthy relationship. Contacting a variety of counseling clinics, such as Tim Robbins Counseling, is important to find the right fit for you as a couple.


If you think that time apart is something that is desperately needed, a legal separation while the two of you work on the above listed things and other things may be the best choice. If there is an addiction problem, infidelity issue or other concern, it may be best to get separated until you figure out what you want out of your relationship.


Sometimes you get so busy with the daily grind that you don't take out enough time in your days or weeks for one another. That's when you think that maybe you don't need the other person or that love isn't everything. Taking a getaway to realize how much you love each other and to rediscover what it was that made you get married can recharge your relationship.

If you are ready to quit on your marriage but you know you love your spouse, don't give up so easily. These are just a few of the ways that you can change your relationship for the better.