Finding Your Higher Power In Recovery (Even If You Don't Believe In God)

Posted on: 24 August 2015


Many recovery programs stress the importance of connecting to a higher power, like God, in order to maintain the strength to stay clean and sober for the long haul. For agnostics or individuals who don't follow any type of religious doctrine, it's still possible to stay strong in your recovery by tailoring the program to suit your particular belief system. If you cannot wrap your mind around the idea of praying to God in the traditional sense, consider putting your faith in a different kind of higher power.

Group's Conscious

Struggling to connect to a higher power can make you feel disconnected and alone. One way to deal with issue is by placing your faith in the collective spirit of your recovery group, also known as the group's conscious. During challenging times, you may choose to rely on your connection to the group to guide you down the path of recovery.

Mother Nature

If you have trouble finding your higher power in the religious realm, you can look to Mother Nature for the serenity and strength you seek. The awe-inspiring power of nature is all around you in countless tangible forms. Hiking, meditating at the beach or listening to the sound of cicadas in the trees are just a few magnificent ways to connect with nature.

The Universe

There are no rules stating one higher power is superior to another, so don't feel obligated to accept the same one as your sponsor or the majority of the group if your heart and soul aren't feeling it. Some people express their intentions to the universe as an alternative to traditional prayer. Feeling a connection to every living thing in the universe is just as powerful as the spiritual idea of God for many recovering addicts.

Higher Self

Many people believe in the power of the soul, also known as your higher self. If you believe your soul was put here on earth to learn some sort of lesson, you can have faith that your higher self already knows the correct path to take in order to maintain sobriety and live your best life. Meditation is a wonderful way to connect to the soul and begin to understand the lessons you are here to learn.

Believing that there is a force greater than yourself somewhere out there is the first step to finding your higher power. It is possible to experience a spiritual awakening within yourself, even if you don't believe in the traditional concept of God. Don't worry; if you have not yet discovered a higher power, just keep an open mind and your higher power will find you.

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