Changing Your Ideas About Couples Counseling Exercises

Posted on: 20 August 2015


A couple's counselor will often give exercises for the spouses to try at home. This homework could include things such as comparing love languages or trying to communicate using "I" sentences. However, have you ever thought that what you and your spouse really need is exercise regimens to do as a couple?


Bicycling is a natural and neutral activity to try together. Simply get a babysitter, pull out your bikes, and go to the nearest bike trail. Spend a morning leisurely riding bikes side by side. (Move to the right when others need to pass.) Conversation will naturally flow. Plus, because you are exerting yourself, your body will release endorphins which will help you naturally feel good.

Focus on riding together, your rhythms synchronizing. This is the time to realize that your marriage is not a race to be won. It is a journey that you are taking together.

Dance Classes

To increase your physical comfort with each other, sign up for ballroom dance classes for you and your spouse. Dancing is a very intimate sport, and you will not be able to avoid touching in sensual and provocative ways. Even dances that are considered conservative by modern standards, such as the Waltz, were denounced as immoral and vulgar when first introduced because the man was holding the woman so close to his body.

There is no right or wrong dance class to take. You and your spouse need to decide what dance you are interested in learning. The standard dance styles include: Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep. Latin dance styles include: Rumba, Cha-cha, Samba and Jive. Any of these dances can further your spousal relationship.

Dancing will help your couple's therapy because it requires good etiquette and communication. You are looking in to each other's eyes and learning to cooperate to get to the next step.

Finally, dancing can get you dating again, spending time with no distractions from each other.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a great sport to play together, because it helps couples realize that even though they are working together, they really only have control over their own actions and reactions.

This sport is about improving your own game. Yes, you keep score, but the focus is on doing better than you did last time. As you play disc golf, remember that you must practice and learn the techniques necessary to improve your throw. You are not competing with each other, rather you are trying to master the course.

Don't be afraid to try these exercises before or during your traditional marriage counseling sessions. The time that you and your spouse spend together doing these activities will strengthen your relationship and help you get to know each other again. 

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