Incorporating Mala Beads Into Your Meditation

Posted on: 19 August 2015


Meditation (offered by local outlets such as Portland Mindfulness) can be an excellent tool to help you reduce stress and find inner peace. If you are new to the world of meditation, it can be difficult to quiet your mind. If you are finding it difficult to maintain focus during your meditation sessions, then you might want to consider investing in some mala beads.   

What Are Mala Beads?

If your meditation involves the recitation of a mantra, then mala beads can serve as a beneficial meditation aid. Mala beads have their origin in the Buddhist religion, where patrons used them to clear away any obstacles they might be facing in their lives, like illness or family problems.

The traditional mala bead strand contains 108 beads. This number has significance for many different reasons, including the fact that it is a Harshad number (meaning it's divisible by the sum of its digits).

Selecting Mala Beads

When it comes to selecting mala beads to help you during your meditation sessions, you must consider the purpose of your mantras. The intent behind your meditation will influence the type of mala beads that you should invest in.

If your mantras are designed to appease, then you should select mala beads that are clear or white in color to symbolize your pure intent. Beads made from crystal or pearls are well suited for use with appeasement mantras.

If your mantras are intended to seek an increase in your life, then you would be better off investing in mala beads made from gold, copper, or lotus seeds. Understanding why you are meditating will help you purchase the mala beads that will be best suited to aid you during your meditation sessions in the future.

Using Mala Beads

Incorporating mala beads into your meditation is simple. Begin by finding a comfortable spot, and sitting in a cross-legged position. Take slow, deep breaths, and begin to focus in on your mantra.

Holding the mala beads in your right hand, hang the first bead from your ring finger and place your thumb on the guru bead (the larger center bead on your mala strand). Recite your mantra, then slide the strand with your thumb until the next mala bead rests on your ring finger. Repeat the process until you have completed your desired number of mantras.

Incorporating mala beads into your meditation will help you maintain focus while reciting mantras. Be sure that you select beads that are designed to fit your mantra and begin enjoying the benefits of mala beads in your daily meditation.