Signs That Your Teenage Son May Be Using Steroids

Posted on: 26 January 2018


When many people think about teenage drug usage, they think about the use of marijuana and perhaps harder drugs such as ecstasy. One type of drug that might not immediately come to mind is steroids, but the use and abuse of this drug can be problematic for many teens. Steroids can threaten a teen's health in a variety of ways, which means that if you get a sense that your teenage son may be using steroids, you definitely need to intervene and get your teen into a treatment facility for counseling. Here are some different signs that may suggest that your son is using steroids.

He Has Significantly Bulked Up

The most obvious sign that a teenage boy is using steroids is that his physical size has increased dramatically. While it's possible to gain significant muscle mass without the use of drugs, rapid changes in the size of your teen's body can definitely be a sign that something is going on.

All Of His Friends Are Bigger

While there are steroid users who keep this habit to themselves, you'll often find that groups of young males abuse steroids together. It's a concern if you notice that your teen is only hanging around other males who have strong physiques, especially if you can tell that these teens have grown their muscles quickly, too. For example, perhaps you hadn't seen a friend of your teen for several months, but noticed that he's distinctly bigger when you see him again.

His Personality Is Changing

Steroid use can lead to changes in your teen's personality, especially over time. So-called "roid rage" doesn't necessarily mean that your teen is out of control with rage, but you may notice that he is acting more aggressively. Whether this comes in the forms of outbursts that didn't occur in the past, bulling siblings, or even getting into fights at school, these aggressive changes may be a sign of steroid use.

He's Become More Secretive

Steroid users will often become more secretive, too. A teen who is holding these drugs in his room may be anxious when you enter the space or perhaps tell you not to clean his room any longer. Perhaps the teen has new friends but is secretive about who they are, or is resistant to tell you where he's going or what he's doing. If these signs are present, they could suggest an issue. It's a good idea to talk to your teen and get him into a treatment center like Treat with Care.